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Too many boatmen will run the boat up to the top of the mountains.

Japanese Proverb

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  • TrollDrum: A Drummer In Your Pocket
    Learning to play music, whether it's the guitar, drums or something else, is now a whole lot more fun and easy thanks to TrollDrum...
  • FreqLoader: Launched
    FreqLoader, a mobile (iPhone/iPod touch) application designed for amateur radio operators, monitoring enthusiasts and shortwave listeners in mind that I've been working on for a few months, have finally been launched!
  • SiEd: Return of the files
    Having trouble locating SiEd? Fret no more! SiEd is my favorite general purpose editor for Palm pilot. It's great, open-sourced GPLed software, that has a ...
  • Elective surgery for electric guitars
    I just performed a little surgery on my guitar and wanted to share the results which might eventually be useful to someone else. The problem with my electr...
  • Editor: please stick to the science in livescience
    One site I like to visit regularly is LiveScience to which many of our News entries here link to. A feature that comes up often is their "Top 10" lists, whic...
  • Fundraising: the smart way
    Today, as I took my customary walk to the coffee shop, I passed by at least four teams of two green-shirted youths stopping people on the street to solicit fund...
  • Hey man, have you got a quarter?
    No. I don't have any change for you, sorry. I know a lot about panhandling, and it's not just because I live in the city core. I think I understand it, a...

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